Ordinary Thunderstorms, by William Boyd

9781408802854Ordinary Thunderstorms is a novel which certainly isn’t lacking in momentum, wasting little time in diving into its fast paced narrative. With an assortment of colourful characters, drawn from all parts of London society, this is quite a different read compared to Boyd’s other novels. Though any thriller faces the potential of being labeled as being somewhat commercialised, Ordinary Thunderstorms is still absorbingly fast paced, varied and highly gripping. 


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Before I Go to Sleep, by S J Watson


One woman. A new life. Every day.


Highly impressive for a debut novel, Watson has created a heart-breaking scenario, in which her protagonist, Christine, can only retain memories for a single day. As this difficult, frightening life is gradually unfurled to the reader, it quickly appears something isn’t right. But the truth is hard to come by, especially when you wonder whether you can trust even yourself. What begins as a novel of confusion, where the reader is left feeling as empty and bewildered as the protagonist, slowly turns into a gripping struggle to understand a past that is buried again and again each night.


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Follow You Home, by Mark Edwards 


The first thriller I have read in quite some time, this novel was encapsulating from start to finish. In a gripping narrative of trauma and horror, Edwards keeps the reader glued to the page, determined yet cautious to discover what has occurred, and what will happen next. With realistic characters who are far from the brave protagonists of a happier novel, Follow You Home slowly releases it’s truly terrifying nature to the reader. This is certainly not a novel for the light-hearted.


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