Carrie, by Stephen King


From the skilled hands of its world famous author, Carrie spins a dark tale of youthful cruelty and sorrowful revenge. Bearing a simple yet effective premise for a horror novel, known now by many from its multiple film interpretations, this is a short and entertaining classic.

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In The Miso Soup, by Ryu Murakami 


Set in the dark night of Tokyo, In the Miso Soup is a short but disturbing thriller which will make you question the morals of humanity. The novel follows a relatively simple narrative, in which Kenji, a guide for tourists to Tokyo’s red light district, takes on a strange and unnerving new client, Frank. As tension gradually builds, Murakami truly immerses his reader into the gritty streets of Tokyo city.

At first, what did feel like a drawback to the novel was its apparent lack of much intuitive subtlety, with major plot points heavily emphasised and lingered upon (a style I usually find attributed to much of Japanese anime). However, as the novel progressed, another aspect to it became apparent, one which certainly intrigued and proved to provide substantial content for contemplation.


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