The Axe and the Throne (Bounds of Redemption Book 1), by M.D. Ireman

This novel certainly follows in the successful wake of Game of Thrones. Embracing the intricate, cruel and conniving political aspects of a fictional Middle ages historical setting, Ireman masterfully manipulates an intricate narrative. With a large array of characters, it takes some time to remember each of them and their place within the novel, however once this knowledge is attained what follows is an exciting variety of narratives, each as compelling as the last.

As the readers note states at the beginning to the novel, there are no heroes in this story. In a brutally truthful portrayal of the cruel nature of man, the novel’s characters either bear witness to or share in horrifying acts against their fellow man. With the added variety of beliefs and historically accurate degrees of knowledge and technology, The Axe and the Throne lends a fast paced insight into another world.
In a chaotic collaboration of the good and the bad, The Axe and the Throne will have you rooting for the murderer, questioning the righteous and ultimately wondering if justice even truly exists.

Length: 476 (Createspace Independent Publishing Platform; 6 edition)

Overall Rating: 2.5 stars


Author: Jack Jakins

A recent graduate of history, now an aspiring writer and general cynicist

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