Follow You Home, by Mark Edwards 


The first thriller I have read in quite some time, this novel was encapsulating from start to finish. In a gripping narrative of trauma and horror, Edwards keeps the reader glued to the page, determined yet cautious to discover what has occurred, and what will happen next. With realistic characters who are far from the brave protagonists of a happier novel, Follow You Home slowly releases it’s truly terrifying nature to the reader. This is certainly not a novel for the light-hearted.


After a couple backpacking through Europe soon find themselves in a desperate position, alone and far away from home, what quickly follows is a dark tale opitimising the bounds of human evil. Love, nobility, bravery; these are all parts of the true hero. But this is not a fairy tale. And Edwards makes it clear these features come with a price.
Laying out a carefully spun plot line, Edwards masterfully leads the reader from the dark of unanswered questions into the gratifying light of answers. However what is finally discovered is far from relieving…

To use a rather clichéd term common to book reviews, this was genuinely hard to put down. For any looking for a modern thriller with a consistently shocking and absorbing plot line, this is certainly to be highly recommended.

Length: 400 (Thomas & Mercer)

Overall Rating: 5 stars


Author: Jack Jakins

A recent graduate of history, now an aspiring writer and general cynicist

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